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Five Years Strong

Today is the International Day Against Nuclear Tests. A day recognized by the United Nations to share about the dangers of nuclear testing.

Today is also our fifth anniversary as Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High School (ADOMHS) was officially enshrined as a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone (NWFZ) in Los Angeles, California.

ADOMHS was made into a NWFZ as a means to educate youth in South Los Angeles, and beyond, about the dangers of nuclear weapons. Inspiration was taken from the Nuclear Free Berkeley and Oakland Acts of the previous century.

The ADOMHS NWFZ declaration was an idea originally pitched at the March 2017 Critical Issues Forum in Nagasaki, Japan. Project Nuclear Free Schools was not officially named and launched until June 2017 in Vienna, Austria, at the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization's Science and Technology conference.

The Iconic NWFZ plaques were officially put up on August 29th, of 2017, to highlight both the danger of atomic testing and the importance of NWFZs in the fight to end the threat of Nuclear Weapons.

These signs are still up five years later and we want to thank everyone who has joined us on this journey.

Let's make more Nuclear Free Schools!

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