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About Us

"It began with high school students,

their teacher, and an idea..."

If no one teaches our youth about the consequences of nuclear conflict, who will pick up after our aging experts and world leaders?

Nuclear Free Schools is a youth activism project with the hopes of educating civil society about the dangers of nuclear weapons.

In what started as a group project for a nuclear disarmament conference, Nuclear Free Schools has spread as a grassroots movement in the United States of America with collaborators all around the world from different countries.

We welcome with open arms any young individuals, and not just young professionals with degrees and careers under their belt, but high school students too!

Through Nuclear Free Schools our students have the unique opportunity of interacting with world leaders and leading experts in the field. They not only value our students’ voices, ideas, and commitments, but they have been praised, supported and validated for them. So we urge you to join us because your voice matters too.


We hope you can help join the fight to free the world of nuclear weapons.

Our Rag-tag Team:


Andrew King

  • Twitter

Founding Director / Teacher


Cristopher Cruz

Co-Founder / Director of Outreach

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Edgar Lopez

Director of Digital Relations

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