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DOMHS-Soka HS Summit on

Disarmament and Poverty  2018

Los Angeles, California, USA​

On November 3, our Nuclear Free Schools students hosted 12 Japanese students from Soka High School as part of their mini-summit on global poverty and nuclear disarmament. In preparation for the conference, the 30-some students researched issues surrounding poverty and disarmament in their respective countries, and presented their findings to each other. After their initial presentations, the groups then tackled solutions that would promote local solutions to these global problems with an emphasis on youth action and engagement. 


The event was intended to provide an opportunity for both groups to interact with like-minded peers from across the globe and demonstrate that they were not alone in their efforts to make the world better for all people. While their academic and civic accomplishments were significant, the main source of pride and joy for all the educators involved was seeing these students interact with each other, play together, laugh together, and sing together (literally!). 


It was a wonderful weekend that produced great memories and lots of inspiration for everyone involved, young and old, Japanese and American. 

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