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ADOMHS Students Participate in the 2019 CIF Conference

Our ADOMHS Class of 2020 was able to participate in the yearly conference known as the Critical Issues Forum in Monterey, California. Fatima M. and Luis C. were our 2 lucky students to participate in this high school conference where they got the chance to meet students from Japan, Russia and other parts of the U.S. They were also honored to meet experts such as Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, Dr. Mona Dreicer, among others. This year's topic was:

"Nuclear Risk Reduction: Crisis Prevention in a Time of International Turbulence"

After several months of hard work and research, Fatima and Luis were ready to give their presentation in front of a diverse audience.

Here are their thoughts on the experience:


Presenting in front of an audience that comprised of fellow American, Japanese, and Russian students was certainly nerve wracking but well worth it as I was able to gauge the attitude students from around the world have in regard to nuclear weapons. Moreover, the conference exposed me to students from all walks of life: students who live in rural American towns, in bustling cities like Tokyo, and in frigid communities in Russia. The CIF conference was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I am so grateful to have taken part in such an important meeting where we, as students and leaders of tomorrow, discussed not only the present conditions of our world but the future as well.


Not only did we build the essential skills of time management, public speaking, and researching, but we were also able to converse with many adolescents and adults around the world who were well informed about the various issues that nuclear weapons branches out to. It felt empowering after hearing all the presentations and the questions people had, because it sent out a clear message: that our future is in good hands. The conference was full of those in various age ranges who have a common dream: to take steps into having a nuclear free world. What stood out to me the most is the fact that everyone was very up to date and aware of this being an issue. Being young, we aren’t taught about nuclear weapons and the way it negatively affects us.

Access the PowerPoint presentation here and the live presentation here.


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