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Congressman Schiff Vows to Co-Sponsor "No First Use" Bill

In what started as an impromptu text message from head-honcho Andrew King, myself and a fellow Nuclear Free Schools student, Luis C., were able to join a morning meeting with United States House Representative Adam B. Schiff, who represents California's 28th Congressional district.

The meeting was spearheaded by our friends at Physicians for Social Responsibility - Los Angeles chapter and were joined by members of Veterans for Peace and Peace Action. The reason? To convince congressman Schiff to co-sponsor the "No First Use" bill, an that was recently made famous to mainstream audiences thanks to U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren's July Democratic Debate. The 15-20 minute long meeting was full of passion and persuasion, and with Schiff's track record of being in favor of disarmament-related policies, we were adamant in securing his support. Schiff pledged his support by saying, "I'll tell my assistants to put me as a co-sponsor of the bill."

Whether or not this bill makes it to the next level remains to be seen, but we are ecstatic to hear Schiff's decision and we hope to see him fulfill his promise.

For us at Nuclear Free Schools, it is our first time lobbying and the first time a congressman agrees with our pitch. Lastly, we are grateful and happy to be working alongside with other brilliant and passionate folk that have allowed opportunities like these to happen.

To learn more about Adam Schiff click here.

To learn more about PSR-LA click here.

More information on Veterans for Peace here and Peace Action here.


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