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Call to Action on the 75th Anniversaries

We are more than just an archive of our students' many adventures, we want to be a platform anyone can use, regardless of their location and distance!

And because of that, we are announcing our plans to making nuclear literacy all the more accessible to all, whether you're a curious K-12 student, a burgeoning young professional, or even a older person looking for hope in the next generation, we are committing ourselves to truly revolutionizing nuclear education.

But for now, your first step is to declare your academic institution/school a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone, or a Nuclear Free School if you will!

Watch our video, as seen on the digital commemoration of the #StillHere campaign, to get a grasp of what Nuclear Free Schools is all about!


Thank you to our friends for allowing us to feature them and, therefore, contributing to this video (in alphabetical order):

Shereen Nanish, Freelance Journalist

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