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Statement on Capitol Riots and US Nuclear Launch Authority

We strongly condemn the scenes of violence and unrest that took place at our nation’s Capitol on the 6th of January, 2021.

As we see Donald Trump’s presidency come to an end, we must recognize the dangers of giving the president the power to launch a weapon of mass destruction with no restrictions. It is important that we place legitimate legal safeguards to prevent the risk of a global catastrophe by the hands of a single person. No person in power should be a threat to the entire world. We know what keeps us safe: living in communities where people of every color and background have fair wages, great schools, and affordable healthcare; where we address problems with proven solutions like social supports instead of exorbitant spending on nuclear weapons.

The risk of a global nuclear war is higher than ever, and the time to act is now. It is time for the United States to go beyond satisfying its Article VI obligations under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty - honest, gradual, and verifiable nuclear disarmament for the safety of everyone. It is time that we realize that these weapons aren’t needed for global stability, nor domestic security. The notion behind nuclear deterrence all comes down to how rational our political leaders act. And looking at President Donald Trump’s reckless behavior throughout his term, best exemplified by his decision to incite an insurrection last week, his erratic behavior puts all lives at risk. Donald Trump presents the prime example of the importance of implementing sane and comprehensive policies for nuclear risk reduction.

We congratulate and welcome Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the next President and Vice-President of the United States of America. Regardless of their Congressional records in nuclear arms control and nonproliferation, they should be well aware and held to the same level of nuclear scrutiny for the sake of our country, planet, and future.

As such, the students and educators at Nuclear Free Schools strongly support the passage of the No First Use Act (S.272/H.R.921) introduced by Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Adam Smith. This among, other key nuclear treaties such as the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, present the clear road for the United States to regain it’s standing as a country, committed to nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation. We believe that the passage of the No First Use Act represents a momentous step towards a world free of nuclear weapons.


Nuclear Free Schools

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